• What I Do

    7+ years experience in software testing, automation geek, and blogger.

    I write and execute software test scripts for a living, both exploratory and automated checks, mostly for web applications. In turn, I help programmers and product owners gain insight on product quality right on the spot. It is wonderful work and I take pride in what I deliver to everyone I support. On off-days, I paint watercolors, go bowling, watch anime series, or blog stuff.

  • We Find Ways

    That’s what programmers and software testers do in tandem, really. Together, we find ways to make a new feature work as they should. We find ways to ship working software to our clients. We find ways to solve customer concerns as soon as they are found. We find ways to bring life to conceptualized software ideas. We find ways to show magic, creating interesting things out of people’s desires.

  • Experience

    DirectWithHotels Philippines, Ltd.

    September 2011 - present, Makati Philippines

    • Creates API and End-to-End automated checks for DirectWithHotels Philippines
    • Leads scrum masters and software testing team
    • Helps teams develop software with agility

    Chase Technologies Corporation

    February 2010 - July 2011, Makati Philippines

    • Tests and troubleshoots POS software applications, both on-site and off-site

    • Works with programmers in delivering and presenting requested products to clients
    • Monitors and makes changes to SQL databases if there is a need
    • Prepares test plans, test reports, and system user manuals
  • Projects & Skills

    • What occupies my mind at work

    One Software Tester


    One Software Tester is a collection of thoughts and remarks about software testing work and the experiences that come with doing it, mindfully written to start conversations and share interesting views with software testers around the world as well as other people who might want to become one someday.

    Selenium WebDriver

    (Hardcore User)

    Selenium WebDriver is a software testing automation tool that helps me drive web applications to run as an actual user would. This is what I use (together with Eclipse and bits of Java programming language) to write test scripts for applications.


    (Hardcore User)

    Watir is an family of ruby libraries that do the same thing Selenium does, since it wraps around selenium webdriver. This is what I use when I automate web applications if I am writing them with the Ruby programming language and the Sublime Text text editor.

    Selenium Grid


    Selenium Grid helps distribute running tests in several web browser threads or machines for parallel test execution. In a continuous agile software development system, testing needs to keep up with the speed of delivery required for software applications.



    Jenkins, this old but cool-looking butler (or continuous integration tool), helps me run automated tests, lots of them, regularly, on desired schedules as needed.



    GitHub is where I maintain and manage code for automated testing projects. Their service also helps me share my tests to involved parties and collaborate with them as necessary.

  • Your Dreams Won't Be Built In A Day

    Take your time. Pull each day out of the bag and work as hard and as smart as you can. Have fun while you’re at it and help people as you go along your way. Give enough time for rest and play to end the day, then prepare to do everything again and more the next. It takes years of persistence to arrive at places where we dream to be.

  • How may I be of service?

    If there's something I can help you with, please don't hesitate to ping me. :)

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